Lei Chi International Logistics (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand service provider of China-Hong Kong transportation in China. It has been focusing on China-Hong Kong logistics industry for more than 10 years. Its business projects include China-Hong Kong transportation, China-Hong Kong freight, China-Hong Kong special vehicle transportation, Hong Kong warehouse, tax-included import, customs declaration and customs clearance . Vehicle GPS tracking throughout the whole process. Leichi Logistics is equipped with more than 100 Taiwan-China-Hong Kong ton vehicles and China-Hong Kong trailers that go back and forth between Guangdong and Hong Kong every day. Our company has its own warehouses in Hong Kong and Dongguan, in order to fully cooperate with your company's China-Hong Kong transportation, distribution and delivery services. A strong transport fleet and professional services ensure that we can provide you with fast and reliable China-Hong Kong transport services. Leichi Logistics provides China-Hong Kong ton trucks, trailers, chartered cars, complete vehicles, cranes, flatbed trucks, heavy vehicles, special vehicles, hanging clothes trucks, container cabinets and other China-Hong Kong vehicle import and export services for enterprises with a large single-time import and export volume. The customer needs to provide the corresponding ton car type. The customer can choose the express or general trade method according to whether there is customs declaration and inspection information. In all the import and export projects between China and Hong Kong, our company has a complete operation process and procedures in the export business. Simple, fast, The characteristics of door to door, high security and overall price advantage. It is favored by China and Hong Kong ton car customers with large import and export volume.

According to the different logistics service needs of customers, Leichi Logistics gives full play to its own advantages and experience. Leichi mainly focuses on China-Hong Kong transportation and launches a complete set of China-Hong Kong logistics services such as China-Hong Kong express delivery, shipping, customs clearance, and import and export agents. Leichi Logistics companies are committed to improving the efficiency and mobility of logistics operations, and developing speed logistics, scale logistics, information logistics, and economic logistics. Continuously expand the business level, improve service quality, reduce costs and improve efficiency for customers. Since its establishment, the company has developed from a traditional transportation and warehousing company into a comprehensive logistics company with advanced supply chain management and operating systems.

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