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Transportation Case of Wooden Pallets Transported to Hong Kong

As one of the many China-Hong Kong logistics import and export freight companies in Dongguan, Lei Chi Logistics has many years of experience in the China-Hong Kong logistics industry. We only focus on the logistics line transportation from Guangdong to Hong Kong, and have very rich experience in China-Hong Kong transportation.
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It is a packaging product company in Dongguan that entrusts Jingang Logistics to act as an agent for the export and transportation of wooden pallets. It is a packaging product company in Dongguan that entrusts Jingang Logistics to act as an agent for wooden pallet export transportation services. It has been cooperating with other logistics companies before. Because of timeliness and cost issues, it has always wanted to find a more suitable China-Hong Kong logistics company to cooperate with. Opportunity, Mr. Deng from the marketing department of Jingang Logistics contacted Mr. Luo, the person in charge of the company. After communicating with Mr. Luo, after understanding the needs and problems of Mr. Luo's company, he customized a complete set of pallets for transportation from Dongguan program to Hong Kong.

Mr. Luo's company is a packaging product company established in Dongguan. It has not yet applied for import and export rights, so it needs Jingang Logistics as a trader to provide it with import and export agency services.

After communicating with Mr. Luo and learning about his company's requirements for the delivery, delivery time and cost of wooden pallets exported to Hong Kong, Mr. Deng from the marketing department invited Mr. Luo to visit the headquarters in Dongguan and measure for him. Customized two different transportation plans. The headquarters in Dongguan covers an area of 5,000 square meters, and there are dozens of various Chinese and Hong Kong ton trucks and container trucks and trailers.

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Wooden pallets for China and Hong Kong bulk cargo carpooling export

1. China-Hong Kong bulk carpooling export: Since Mr. Luo’s company exports more or less wooden pallets, we suggest that they can choose bulk when the volume of goods is small (less than 15 square meters) and the timeliness requirements are not too high. In the carpooling export method, the goods will be delivered to us today, and the delivery will be completed in Hong Kong tomorrow. The time limit is two days, but the price is relatively affordable.

Wooden pallet whole vehicle chartered for export

2. China and Hong Kong chartered vehicle export: when the volume of goods is large (more than 15 square meters), we recommend that they take the form of chartered vehicles, and they can directly pack a flatbed car to Hong Kong for delivery. The time limit is fast, and it takes about 6 hours from loading to delivery. It can be done in about an hour.

Jingang Logistics made full preparations for Mr. Luo's wooden pallets for export and transportation to Hong Kong in the early stage. Therefore, in the links of transportation, customs clearance, and warehouse delivery, they did not encounter any problems and completed it smoothly. Mr. Luo said that Very satisfied, and will reach a long-term cooperative relationship with us in the future. We will continue to provide them with high-efficiency, high-quality services, and affordable prices to provide them with export transportation services for wooden boards from Dongguan to Hong Kong.

For the import and export of different goods between China and Hong Kong, we will conduct comprehensive communication based on the characteristics of the customer's goods and their service requirements, and then customize a suitable China-Hong Kong transportation plan for them. Our customer service is online 24 hours a day, and we will answer any questions about China-Hong Kong logistics transportation for customers at any time. For any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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