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Cosmetics Exported to Hong Kong

Cosmetics export to Hong Kong customs declaration and transportation agency China-Hong Kong logistics line,Leichi mainly focuses on China-Hong Kong transportation.
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Domestic (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan and other regions) export skin care products to Hong Kong, China for door-to-door transportation:

1. Specify the goods and prepare materials in advance.

2. Determine the transportation method, and then sign the transportation contract to establish multi-party obligations, including transportation costs, packaging, payment methods, etc.

3. After signing the contract, our company will provide the receiving address to the customer, and the customer will arrange the delivery to our warehouse according to the agreed detailed address. Or we can come to pick up the goods, and the cost of picking up the goods will be calculated separately.

4. Customers should try their best to pack the skin care products to be exported in a firm and sensible way before delivery, which is also one of the prerequisites for safe transportation.

5. After the goods enter the warehouse, they will be allocated for loading and departure. Customs declaration documents are generally completed based on the materials provided by the customer. Please provide the goods and materials as soon as possible, otherwise the loss caused by the false report will be borne by the customer

6. Our company first assigns Shenzhen export customs declaration, then delivers the goods to Hong Kong port, and then clears customs and transports them to your Hong Kong warehouse.

7. The salesperson prepares the bank statement according to the goods information, and then sends the bank statement to the customer. After the customer pays, it enters the stage of goods distribution and distribution.

8. Send the goods to the customer safely.

All kinds of goods from individuals, e-commerce, factories, and foreign trade companies can provide freight transportation from China to Hong Kong directly, and door-to-door pick-up is supported, and Hong Kong can deliver goods to your door. According to the needs of transportation, our company can provide various models and specifications (3T, 5T, 8T, 10T, 12T and 20R40/45 feet) of ton trucks (built-in tailgates), and the trucks go back and forth between Shenzhen and Hong Kong every day.

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According to the different Logistics service needs of customers, Leichi Logistics gives full play to its own advantages and experience. Leichi mainly focuses on China-Hong Kong transportation and launches a complete set of China-Hong Kong logistics services such as China-Hong Kong ex press delivery, shipping, customs clearance, and import and export agents. Leichi Logistics companies are committed to improving the efficiency and mobility of logistics operations, and developing speed logistics, scale logistics, information logistics, and economic logistics. Continuously expand the business level, improve service quality, reduce costs and improve efficiency for customers. Since its establishment, the company has developed from a traditional transportation and warehousing company into a comprehensive logistics company with advanced supply chain management and operating systems.

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