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China-Hong Kong Export Service Process


Advantages of CN&HK Export Express

CN&HK export express transportation services mainly serves export products without documents, products with strict commodity inspection requirements, some products that cannot be handled by normal customs declaration, and some small batch export products.


Main Service Objects of CN&HK Express Export

1. Small and medium-sized enterprises without import and export rights

2. Some products with strict commodity inspection/phytosanitary inspection (such as toys/clothing/shoes/electronic products, etc.)

3. FOB Hong Kong goods

4. Export goods in small batches (less than 3 tons)

What Types of Land Transport Vehicles (models) are there in CN&HK?

According to the models of Hong Kong vehicles, it can be divided into two types: CN&HK trailers/CN&HK ton vehicles. CN&HK trailers are divided into: 20GP trailers.(Small trailer)/40GP trailer (big trailer), the container size is divided into: 20GP container/40GP container/45GP container and 40HQ container; China and Hong Kong tons of vehicles are divided according to the common load tonnage: 3 tons of vehicles/5 tons of vehicles/8 tons of vehicles/ 10 ton truck/12 ton truck/15 ton truck.

CN&HK Express Export Operation Process

Guest Inquiry - Customer Order (Mainland) - Document Delivery Operation - According to Customer Requirements (Send to Shenzhen Warehouse by yourself or Pick Up at Designated Factory) Customs Broker Dos Order Binding / Customs Declaration and Loading (Lingjing 2-3 Points) - Guohuang Gang port (around 5:00am-Hong Kong warehouse dismantling cabinets (vehicles) around 9:00am cargo inventory self-pickup or delivery (around 12:00am)-delivery to sea freight warehouse/air freight warehouse-private collection warehouse and in the hands of customers (before 5:00pm After the delivery is completed), sign and return the end paper, and the delivery driver will send the star paper back to HK company - the star paper back to the mainland office (3-5 working days) - the courier house paper customer.

What information should be confirmed forCN&HK express export?

1. Cargo information

The name of the goods, the weight of the goods, the size of the goods, the number of goods, whether they are branded or imitated, and the packaging of the goods.

2. Hong Kong warehousing and delivery address

Hong Kong warehousing is divided into: wharf warehouse/air freight warehouse/ordinary logistics warehouse. The goods entering the warehouse need the customer to provide the warehousing paper (S/O). For ordinary address delivery, you need to provide a detailed address and contact number with contacts.

International Export Express Service

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