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China and Hong Kong Express Import
  • China and Hong Kong Express Import
China and Hong Kong Express Import

China and Hong Kong Express Import

China and Hong Kong Express Import Simple, fast, safe and efficient! Hong Kong express import, express import with tax
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China and Hong Kong Express Import

Leichi International Logistics focuses on import and export Transportation between China and Hong Kong, and has been focusing on import and export transportation between China and Hong Kong. It specializes in providing customers with express imports, LCL imports, FCL cargo imports, general trade imports and related services. For example, China-Hong Kong logistics service, welcome to consult online customer service or call.

Leichi International Logistics' years of China-Hong Kong transportation have allowed Leichi Logistics to accumulate rich experience, a rich talent team and human resources, equipped with professional customer service department, business department, operation department and customs declaration department, each performing its duties, making China-Hong Kong transportation More professional, guaranteed delivery timeliness, operation department 7*24 hours for customers to review orders, inquire about warehousing miscellaneous items, coordinate customer information, loading, customs declaration progress, warehousing and final paper return, provide customers with professional, safe, convenient, Fast China-Hong Kong shipping service.

Our company often operates milk powder, daily necessities, cosmetics, health care products, red wine, imported dried fruits (nuts, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, dried fruits, candy, etc.), canned food, olive oil, leather, cloth, film, plastic particles, Machinery, electronic products (mobile phone screens, mobile computer motherboards, circuit boards, memory sticks, audio, etc.)

1. The information that the Hong Kong import agent needs to provide:

A. Product name B. Weight C. Volume D. Value E. Packaging

Some goods also need to provide pictures, uses, certificates of origin, health inspection certificates, etc.

2. Hong Kong Import Agent Route:

All over the world -> Hong Kong -> Shenzhen -> all over the country

3. Hong Kong import agent time:

Under normal circumstances, it takes 1-3 days for express shipment imports, and 2-3 days for LCL and FCL imports, and general trade imports.

4. Import operation process:

1)Contact - understand the detailed information of the goods, including the name, purpose, quantity, weight, volume, shape and other information of the goods, delivery address, delivery address, and what documents are required when picking up the goods (packing list or commercial invoice, delivery documents, delivery order), some goods still need to provide pictures of the goods.

2)Quotation - give the customer a quotation (daily or in writing), determine the freight rate, Hong Kong delivery fee and collection fees and other miscellaneous fees, and then send "Customer Quotation Confirmation Directly"

3)Place an order--When the customer agrees to our quotation verbally or in writing, and the goods are ready to be picked up, we will send a pick-up notice to the Hong Kong company, and the colleagues of the Hong Kong company will come to pick up the goods and confirm the name, quantity and weight of the goods at the same time.

4)Receipt of goods - Hong Kong door-to-door pick-up or door-to-door delivery, spot check the goods, check the packing list and commercial invoice.

5)Tallying - Hong Kong company number, labeling, making a receipt list, filling in the waybill, entering the computer system, etc.

6)Customs declaration - the Hong Kong company pastes the barcode, fills in the courier waybill, and sends the detailed list of cargo to the customs declaration agency. The customs declaration agency makes the customs declaration and sends the EDI data to the customs. The Hong Kong company loads the goods on the Hong Kong car and Huanggang customs clearance inspection and release.

7)Customs declaration operation--When the Hong Kong motor vehicle arrives at the express supervision center of each port, our company's customs declaration staff will assist the customs in all aspects of document review, inspection, tax collection, and release.

8)Notification--Telephone or text message to inform the customer of the arrival of the goods.

9)Delivery - If you need delivery, make a delivery note, issue a bill, and arrange delivery.

10)Service-Telephone service tracking: listen to and record customer opinions, and update the latest situation.

Thank you for your browsing. If you have any questions about the import and export of China and Hong Kong, please contact us. Thank you for the fate that made you and me acquainted with China and Hong Kong Transport. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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