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Hong Kong LCL Import

Hong Kong LCL Import

LCL or FCL import Low cost, simple and safe!
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Hong Kong LCL Import

China Hong Kong Shipping

China Hong Kong Shipping refers to the shipping services between mainland China and Hong Kong. Given the close proximity and strong economic ties between the two regions, shipping plays a crucial role in facilitating trade and commerce.

China and Hong Kong have a well-developed port infrastructure, with major ports including the Port of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Port, and Guangzhou Port. These ports handle a significant amount of cargo traffic, including containerized goods, bulk shipments, and oil tankers.

Shipping companies and logistics providers in China and Hong Kong offer a wide range of services, including vessel chartering, freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. They serve both domestic and international markets, connecting Hong Kong with various destinations worldwide.

Hong Kong Bulk Cargo LCL Import

Hong Kong bulk cargo LCL import is an import solution customized by Leichi China-Hong Kong Logistics for customers who import a small amount of goods in a single batch and import a large number of batches. Save the customer's complicated customs declaration procedures, some tariffs and the cost of time. Lei Chi China-Hong Kong Logistics relies on years of practical experience to reserve a stable customs declaration team, a professional operation team and stable import channels to undertake each entrustment of customers. Leichi China-Hong Kong Logistics integrates and optimizes every link of Hong Kong's bulk cargo LCL import to ensure the safety of the goods, with fast timeliness and low cost, so that customers only need one phone call Leichi China-Hong Kong Logistics to handle all procedures, eliminating all worries for customers, saving customers time and money Double cost of fees!

Hong Kong Bulk Cargo LCL Import Route

Overseas (delivery/commodity inspection filing in advance)----Hong Kong (order exchange/delivery/inspection)----local port (inspection declaration/customs declaration/tax payment)---manufacturer (logistics distribution)

Import Process of Bulk Cargo Consolidation in Hong Kong

1. Contact - understand the detailed information of the goods, including the name of the goods, use, quantity, weight, volume, shape and other information, delivery address, delivery address, what documents are required when picking up the goods (packing list or commercial invoice, delivery documents, delivery power of attorney), individual goods still need to provide pictures of the goods.

2. Quotation - give the customer a quotation (orally or in writing), determine the freight rate, Hong Kong delivery fee and collection fees and other miscellaneous fees, and then send the "Customer Quotation Confirmation Fax".

3. Place an order - the customer agrees verbally or in writing to Huamei China-Hong Kong Logistics’ quotation, and when the goods can be picked up, Huamei China-Hong Kong Logistics will send a delivery notice to the Hong Kong company, and the colleagues of the Hong Kong company will come to pick up the goods and confirm the name, quantity and weight of the goods at the same time.

4. Receipt of goods--Hong Kong door-to-door pick-up or door-to-door delivery, random inspection of goods, check of packing list and commercial invoice

5. Tallying - Hong Kong company number, labeling, making a receipt list, filling in the waybill, entering the computer system, etc.

6. Customs declaration - the Hong Kong company pastes the barcode, fills in the courier waybill, sends the detailed list of cargo to the customs declaration agency, and the customs declaration agency makes the customs declaration form and sends ED | data to the customs. The Hong Kong company loaded the goods onto the Hong Kong vehicle, and Fugang passed the customs inspection and released them.

7. Customs declaration operation--Hong Kong vehicles arrive at the express supervision center of each port, and the customs declaration personnel of Huamei China Hong Kong Logistics will assist the customs in reviewing the documents, checking, taxing, and releasing all links.

8. Notification--Telephone or text message to inform the customer of the arrival of the goods.

9. Delivery - if delivery is required, make a delivery note, issue an invoice, and arrange delivery.

10. Service-Telephone service tracking: listen to and record customer opinions, and update the latest situation.

The Time Limit for the Import of Hong Kong Bulk Cargo LCL

Bulk cargo LCL imports normally arrive in 10-15 working days and deliver to customers

Hong Kong LCL Import Customers Must Provide the Following Cargo Information

1. Product name 

2. Place of origin 

3. Size Quantity Number of pieces 

4. Value and use It is best to have a picture 

5. The customer's phone number, name, address and other detailed information

export transport

Cargo Safety Guarantee

1) Express import is an import method recommended by the national policy. Under normal circumstances, there is no risk of the goods being confiscated or detained by the customs.

2) In order to protect the interests of both parties, after the two parties confirm the cooperation, they sign a cargo import and export Transportation agency contract. The contract specifies the terms of the prior negotiation between the two parties, and then both parties sign and seal.

3) Guaranteed transportation can be provided for bulk cargo and high-value cargo.

Compensation for Hong Kong LCL Imported Goods

1. Please be sure to strengthen the inner and outer packaging of the goods. If the goods are damaged or damaged due to poor outer packaging of the goods, the company will refuse to compensate

2. If you find that the goods are abnormally damaged, please provide the following information to Huamei China Hong Kong Logistics within three days after receiving the goods

2.1. POK list for lost or damaged goods provided by the customer

2.2. Commercial invoice (INVOICE)

2.3, packing list (PARKING LIST

2.4. Once the claim letter (CLAIM LETTER) is settled, 8 times the shipping cost of the loss will be the maximum compensation limit to reduce the customer's loss.

Advantages of Hong Kong's LCL Import

1. Brief procedure: Hong Kong bulk cargo LCL imports Huamei China-Hong Kong Logistics adopts express import declaration method to import according to "Regulations of the Customs of the People's Republic of China on the Supervision of Inbound and Outbound Express Mail" and "Regulations of the Customs of the People's Republic of China on the Supervision of Imported and Exported Samples and Advertising Articles" Many laws and regulations stipulate that in order to meet the speed requirements of express shipments, relative to trade declarations, a series of special arrangements are made to simplify procedures and speed up customs supervision conditions and customs clearance (customs declaration and clearance) procedures. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is not necessary for the owner to provide customs declarations, customs clearance documents, licenses/approvals (such as: 3C certification, environmental protection certificates, import quotas, etc., which are exempt from licenses or handled by our company)

2. Very low cost: According to the above regulations, express shipments can enjoy certain tax reductions and exemptions for inbound and outbound shipments. In addition, Shenzhen is close to Hong Kong, an international free port, with convenient operation, low tax rate, and low operating expenses, so the cost will naturally be low. The import quotation of Canada Huamei China-Hong Kong logistics express includes tax and fee in kilograms to save customers. Cost.

3. High security: formal customs declaration method, of course, the security is absolutely guaranteed.

4. Payment on behalf: Hong Kong airport, wharf, etc. can provide door-to-door delivery and payment service

5. Delivery on behalf of: All items imported by Huamei China-Hong Kong Logistics can be delivered to designated cities by domestic air or road.

6. Cash on delivery: first-tier cities support cash on delivery.

Mainland to Hong Kong Round-Trip Transportation

Mainland to Hong Kong round-trip transportation may be affected by policies and restrictions. The following are the general conditions of transportation from mainland China to Hong Kong:

1. Import and export procedures: When goods enter or leave Hong Kong from the mainland, they need to go through corresponding import and export procedures. This includes filling and submitting the necessary documents and declarations, such as import and export declarations, commercial invoices, packing lists, etc. You may need to work with relevant customs and international trade agencies to ensure smooth import and export procedures.

2. Duties and taxes: Customs duties and other relevant taxes may be payable when goods enter or leave Hong Kong. Exact rates and charges vary according to the nature and value of the goods and applicable trade agreements and regulations. You should consult the relevant trade agency or customs authority for applicable taxes and charges.

3. Compliance with regulations and standards: Goods need to comply with relevant regulations and standards during the import and export process. This includes but is not limited to regulations on product quality, safety standards, and food hygiene. You need to ensure that your goods comply with the regulatory requirements in Hong Kong and carry out corresponding inspections and certifications in accordance with the regulations.

4. Special cargo and restrictions: Certain special cargo may be subject to special restrictions and requirements. For example, shipments involving agricultural products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. may require specific licenses or certificates. You should consult relevant industry bodies, customs authorities or trade associations for special requirements that apply to your shipment.


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