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General Trade Declaration Import
  • General Trade Declaration Import
General Trade Declaration Import

General Trade Declaration Import

The General Trade Import Declaration Declaration is a document used to provide customs with information on imported goods. It contains the identity information of the importer, the detailed description of the goods, the quantity and value, the place of origin, the classification of the goods, the mode of transportation, etc.
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China-Hong Kong General Trade Import

China-hong kong general trade import refers to a mode of Transportation for importing goods from hong kong to the mainland, and the goods traded are normal trade import and export goods that are unilaterally sold by enterprises. General trade import and export goods are a kind of goods under customs supervision.

General Trade Declaration Import

Advantages of General Trade Import Between China and Hong Kong: the required goods can be imported in large quantities, and all taxes and related fees imposed by the customs will be provided. The tax it provides can play a role in tax credit and tax refund for enterprises.

General Trade Declaration

General trade declaration process (customs declaration for goods directly to Shenzhen):

1. When the goods are sent to Shenzhen, the transportation company is required to formally clear customs;

2. When the goods arrive at Shenzhen Airport, the transportation company will notify your company. (Reminder; need to provide information: customs clearance notice, packing list, invoice.);

3. We sort out the packing list, invoice, and contract, and send them to your company for inspection and stamping. (Reminder: If your company does not have the right to operate import and export, our company will stamp it);

4. According to different goods, your company will provide corresponding goods information. Such as: brand, model, purpose, etc.;

5. Cargo declaration;

6. If the price and information of the goods are accurate, the tax amount will be paid on the second working day of the general declaration. (Reminder: If the customs conduct a review of the price of the goods, it will take a lot of time, and in fact, there will be costs such as shared rental.);

7. After paying the tax amount, our company will provide account information and tax amount information to your company, and your company will transfer it to our account according to the tax amount, and our company will pay it on your behalf. (Reminder; if your company has the Oriental payment platform, you can pay taxes by yourself.);

8. After paying the tax, it will be released on the same day or the next day under normal circumstances;

9. Our company will send the release note to the transportation company;

10 Your company will contact the transportation company to deliver the goods to China.

cn&hk special vehicles

China-Hong Kong General Trade Import Transportation

China-Hong Kong General Trade Import Transportation Method:

1. China-Hong Kong land transportation (automobile transportation), low cost and fast timeliness!

2. By air.

3. Shipping by sea, low cost and slow timeliness!

General Trade Declaration:

A general trade declaration is a document used in international trade to provide information about the exporter, importer, goods, shipment details, customs declaration, and supporting documents. It serves as a communication tool between the parties involved and helps customs authorities assess the legality and accuracy of the trade transaction.

Purchase Order Declaration:

A purchase order declaration is a written document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating the types, quantities, prices, and terms of the goods or services to be purchased. It serves as a formal offer and provides essential information for the seller to process the order accurately. The purchase order declaration also acts as a binding contract once accepted by the seller.

Contract Manual Declaration:

A contract manual declaration is a written statement that outlines the terms and conditions of a contract between two or more parties. It includes detailed information about the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and remedies of each party involved. The contract manual declaration serves as a reference document to ensure all parties comply with the agreed-upon terms throughout the duration of the contract.

Customs Declaration:

The customs declaration is a document used to provide information to the customs in international trade, including the type, quantity, value, origin, and mode of transportation of the goods. It is a necessary document in the customs clearance process of imported and exported goods to help customs verify the legality and accuracy of goods and determine applicable tariff and regulatory requirements. Customs declarations are very important for compliance and smooth customs clearance.

Document Declaration:

Document declaration refers to the process of providing information and materials related to documents to the corresponding institutions or departments for declaration. These documents can be various instruments such as contracts, certificates, applications, reports, etc. The purpose of document declaration is to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, ensure the compliance and accuracy of documents, and facilitate the review, recording and management of documents by relevant agencies. Document filing is an important step in the effective management and exchange of documents.

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